Sunday, March 27, 2011

Lilys 3rd birthday

Our youngest turned 3 yesterday, her birthday is always bittersweet for me. I'm happy b/c I love her and am so proud of her and she is getting older, smarter and funnier every second of every day...She moved into a toddler bed, if I can get her to sleep in Daddy says she'll have to get out of sleeping in my bed by the time he comes home...and thats where I get sad it still seems like we have forever to wait. 4 years 8 months, we have almost reached the halfway mark. She was born a month and 3 days after his arrest, so she has never gotten to be with her Daddy on the outside, but she is a daddys girl. She misses him and has started asking to go see him more and more..It is hard to tell her that we just can't go see him, whenever she wants. I know he wishes things were different, but it doesn't help days like yesterday be any less double edge.

I did want to share the gift he made for her with you all though. He does the drawings himself.

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