Tuesday, April 12, 2011


So the answer to my previous post from yesterday...Quite simply if you have socipathic tendencies, you would have answered that she killed her sister to see the guy again b/c if he came to her mothers funeral there is a change he would be at her sisters.

I answered her sister told her that the guy was her real father and she did the proverbial kill the messenger thing..He said he would have to ask his teacher what that says about me lol I think it means I watch to much tv.

The answer that most people give is that the guy was her sisters boyfriend/husband/lover.


Teresa said...

Well, as you can see, I chose the "sociopathic tendencies" answer. I am nothing like a sociopath. The funny thing about that statement, is that sociopaths think there is nothing wrong with them. haha. Well, it may have to do with my dealings with sociopaths in the past, or something... idk... really, I'm not crazy! lol

Ginger said...

LOL don't feel bad, my husband ended up asking his professor what my answer meant...and his professor told him I probably had alot of father issues..and well I have no issue with my dad lol.