Monday, April 11, 2011

Wanna know if you have sociopathic tendencies

So at visit yesterday Jody was talking to me about his pysch class, which he is loving. And he said they were posed this question and your answer can help determine if you have certain tendencies.

Heres the question: A womans mother dies, at the wake she meets this guy and he is the man of her dreams. However afterwards, he disappears and she does everything including a PI to find him. The PI calls him to her office and tells her after weeks of searching and nothing turning up there is nothing else she can do. She later goes to lunch with her sister, and kills her sister that night. Why?

I'll come back later with the answers interested in what you guys come up with. I'll write about our visit later, no pics though :(...stupid new rules.


Amanda said...

The sister is with the man?

Teresa said...

My guess is that she figures that this "figment" of a man had something to do with experiencing a death in her family. So, she kills her sister to see if he returns.