Friday, April 15, 2011

HCG Day 3

So this was  my first 500 calorie day..and um I ate around 800 give or I'm not sure how that will affect things..But compared to what I normally eat, it wasn't much. I didn't really get hungry till around 1..but honestly I feel like I'm starving to death right now..not to pleasant, going to smoke take a bath watch supernatural and go to bed.

My weight this morning was still 176, intrested to see if tomorrow brings any weight loss...then this hungery feeling might be worth it...Hopefully this goes away soon., its suppose to go away by day 5, sigh.

Side effects: I'm grouchy *poor kids*, I've got a headache (which isn't to unusal I seem to keep one) and I'm exhausted, probably do to the low calorie in take.

With I paid for this though I'm going to give it an honest go.

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