Saturday, April 16, 2011

Restricted reading in South Carolina Jails

And it is important to point out b/c so many get jail and prison confused, most the people in jail haven't even been convicted of their crimes yet, they are awaiting trail and can't afford or was denined bail/bond.

According to this article from time. Inmates here are only allowed to read the bible...there's a million and one things I could pick out wrong about this. But it is funny to me when someone mentions that they should only be allowed to read it b/c other books contain violence and sex...UM Hello, have those people ever actually read the bible...there a ton of violence in it.

Anyway I would rather give an inmate something to do to occupy his mind, keep him/her busy *I usually say him but am covering both sexes when speaking in general* ... If they are busy they will be less likely to get in trouble.

As tough as the prison my husband is in is...I am grateful for the educational opportunities that he is taking advantage of. If they want to improve inmate  life and decrease recidivism then they need to instead of making bible reading the only thing to pass the time make GED mandatory, substance abuse classes, anger management and money management classes mandatory.

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