Monday, April 18, 2011

Random Ramblings

I put money on the phone so Jody could call...I only do it once a week, unless something major comes up b/c calls are expensive. And he has called three times but he hangs up on me before I can accept the calls...wondering whats up? I try to not over react in these situation or let my imagination know. He can take care of himself and is probably just letting me know he is thinking of me...However it is annoying.

Gas prices SUCK...When I went to work saturday it was 3.63, when I got off work Saturday (and I only worked   a 5 hour shift)  it was 3.69 today when I went out to run errands. it was 3.73 really did oil jump that much between saturday and this morning that gas had to jump 10 cents in 3 days...I've already told Jody to be prepared to start going longer in between visits. Its not something I want to skip but if gas makes it up to 4$ like they are predicting it will be a necessity

I was going to mail some stuff this morning to Jody and my other friends....Yep I'm already out of stamps lol so only Jodys got mailed. Sigh I have to redo my budget, I know my rent is going up since I got a raise..It is crazy the way the system works, they won't you to get off the system but make it impossible to save any money to get ahead.

I guess thats enough rambling for tonight.

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