Monday, April 18, 2011

HCG Day 6

Well since I don't' have a scale at home I can't up date on any weight loss but I can say my pants are definitely looser.  And I'm feeling amazing, I am going to start working out soon I have so much energy its weird I thought ony eat 500ish calories I would be so fatigued I couldn't do it. Back a few years ago I tried the atkins diet and a 1000 cal diet and had alot of headaches and fatgiue with this I have none  of those...

I have enough bottles for 3 cycles...Hopefully I won't need all 3, Jody doesn't want me to lose to much but I do need to have 39-50 pounds to reach my healthy weight. I'm at 173 .I was reading on this that once I finish the first 30 days to take a week off. Then I can start back on it for another 30 days.

Overall so far I'm happy with it, on wednesday I will take my measurements again to see if I have lost any inches as well.

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