Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Get a shirt, Give a shirt

One thing that most society doesn't want to think about is the fact that prisoners a good majority of them get released. And that can almost trump the fear of going into prison, once released they will face a madrid of obstacles to overcome so they don't fall into the revolving door trap. Often times when a man or woman enters the justice system, they are left with no one or their sentence is so long the ones standing by them have unfortunately passed away. If the state has th option they can be released into a half way house. But comes the problem of clothing, my brother works at one in TN and was really sadden at the lack of family support, I ended up donating several bags of clothes that I could no longer wear. And hope that it will help the women there in better themselves. While checking my face book this morning I cam across this. And thought I would add it to my blog b/c it is a good cause, for 25.00 you get a forgive/forget black t shirt, and a dress shirt and tie will be given to one inmate that is being released to help him get a job and stay out of prison.

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