Monday, May 16, 2011

A few little things I got at walmart

Sorry no pics lol I'm lazy to day and I still have to clean my house so no time to get the pics upload them and put stuff away. I perfer to shop alone lol b/c it takes to long with other people I went with my mom today and spent way to much time in the store.

Great price match with coupon on 50 oz purex, its normally 2.97 at walmart, this week, IGA has the same size on sale for 1.99, a few weeks ago I got a mailer for 1.00 purex 50-100 oz detergent.  So that combined with the price match ( which yes the policy states you don't have to have the ad with you, I take them with me just in case, theres no reason to cause yourself or the cashier anymore stress) I got it for .99 cents a bottle. Food City has Domino sugar on sale right now for 1.99 per 4 pound pack, at walmart it is normally 2.49 so I saved .48cents right there, and had a coupon for .50 off one so I got the sugar for 1.50.

Now I know this isn't the extreme some of the more professional couponers go but I'm happy with it. I don't do huge trips nor do I buy a huge amount of coupons at once. But since January when I started doing this on a more serious level I've been able to save around 30-50% each trip. My best ever was 54% a couple of weeks ago. I'm happy with it.

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