Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Some stores don't like extreme couponing.

Now I did start taking couponing more seriously with the episode of extreme couponing that was shown in January. However I am far from extreme, I for one will never dumpster dive to get free coupons, I don't buy a million inserts or papers nor will see me clearing a shelf of mustard lol..or any shelf period, if there are more than a couple things. The most I have ever bought of one product is 10 pudding snacks lol and thats b/c they were 10/10 and I needed to spend 10$ to get some EBC at CVS.

I came across this video over on WUC, about stores pushing back and this video on Jill Cataloda s Blog.

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Nicole said...

I agree, I will never dumpster dive or buy a million papers in order to buy coupons. And I won't clear any shelves either, lol. The people on that show are crazy!!! I just stared couponing recently but I'm not gonna go to the extremes that they do!