Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Getting ready for his birthday visit

Not that we can do anything to special for it, but his birthday is saturday so I figured it would be a nice surprise for him to visit then. I hope they do pictures this time, last visit they didn't do them b/c apparently the gangs are growing there and they have to specially train someone to look for people flashing signs in the pics...Annoying, but such is life I suppose.

I am very happy with the shirt I ordered. I'll put a pic up of it this weekend. But its navy blue with bubble letters that says doing time together. He adores my I love my convict shirt, but I wanted a change. 

I really hope Lily does good and we can make it till at least 12, I'm expecting it to be crowded, since it is mothers day weekend as well. I really do wish they would have a small area set up for children. Its something all prisons should have, I know not everyone agrees with children being taken to prison. But our Lily loves her daddy and loves seeing him, it is just hard on her to sit still for more than a few minutes much less hours. And he loves her, personally I think she is his favorite child, how horrible is that (haha) its because they are so much alike though, in looks and attitude.

This month made the halfway mark for us...so its all down hill from here.

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Teresa said...

I'm amazed at how many people have negative views on taking children to a prison. I have taken my daughter since he went in, and she was 3 months old. Now she's 18 months old. He's got 6 years left, and had I not started bringing her, how else would she have formed a bond with her Daddy? Phone calls, letters and pictures don't cut it. All the prisons in WA have kids areas set up. And we have shared some very special moments there! Daddy was the first to spot her very first tooth, the visiting room is where she first crawled, took her first steps, etc. Some people even go as far to say "he made the choices that landed him there, he gets to suffer the consequences of not seeing his kids!" What about the child? Why should they have to suffer by not seeing their daddy? That's my opinion. Can't wait for the day Daddy gets to come home with us!