Sunday, June 5, 2011

53 Visits to go

Till I can bring him home again. We had wonderful visit yesterday, even with the new computer systems. It took a bit longer than normal to check in, b/c they had to rerun the background checks. And make copies our ID's again (and lilys birth certificate). This is a statewide thing, so if you haven't visited since the 5/16. Make sure you are prepared for this anyone under 18 has to have their birth certificate with them, and if they aren't your children, another permission slip will need to be filled out, or you'll get turned away. This is for VA. We stayed from 8:45 till 1:30. Lily was pretty well behaved, and they actually had the air conditioner going, last year it was miserable in the visiting room by 10 it was in the 90's. Not so this time. And the fact they finally got some kid type games, helps tremendously.

We got to talk some about some more serious things. Not our relationship. On that front things are still wonderful. Every time I see him I fall more in love with him. Seeing his face hearing his voice touching his hand, all reinforce the fact that this wait is worth it for me. Easy? NO but definitely worth it. He is more than just my husband, and our vows were more than just words spoken. He is my best friend, my rock, and my soulmate. This sentence is just a bump in our road, and will only make us stronger.

He is hoping to get a visit from his mom next month, he did ask that I find out when she is coming and for me to come on a different day. That would bother some people. But visiting with lily is distracting. And this is his mother, and her first visit with her son in over 3 years, so I will step aside. I get every other weekend off so I'm more than able to make my visits a different day.

I do wish that they would start doing pics again. I liked seeing how we changed month to month especially Lily. It bothers me that this is what she is growing up knowing, prison and her daddy being in time out. But their bond is amazing, she is definitely a daddys little girl. And in his mind there is nothing like her either. She is the baby of the family but the absolute apple of his eye. I try not to think on the what ifs or if he was home how it would be...but I know if he was home she would be even more spoiled.

The CO's were awesome yesterday, gotta love it when you get an understanding shift, meaning lily could play in the floor beside our table. That and the fact, every other table was full of kids helped. Alot of people complain about kids in the visiting rooms, but they either don't have kids or just no patience. Yes I'm sorry if my daughters squeals or cries or her getting games annoy you..but seriously our family needs time together as much as yours does, tune them out.

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