Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Well what a wake up call

Crazy thing, huh? The earthquakes? One in VA, that shook the entire  east coast and another in Colorado...both places it is an unusual hit. Hopefully all you out there are okay. I personally didn't feel anything but dizzy around the time it happened, I figured that it was b/c I skipped lunch. My oldest didn't feel anything either. My mom and my youngest on the other hand did. Jody is okay, he didn't feel much, but they were put on lockdown for the rest of the day, as a precaution...

I'm not one to go all crazy and end of times, but the world is crazy right now so that really makes you think. I do have a couple of er bags that I packed a while ago, I'm going to double check them. And the cell phones that went down, makes you really want to rethink how you plan on contacting your family in case something really major happens.

Just a couple of things that was on my mind tonight.

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