Saturday, September 24, 2011

Been a while

I've had a heck of a time logging into my accounts, for some reason whenever I log off my password gets changed, I would hate to think someone would be hacking my blog, but I suppose its possible. Things are same old same old. We had a very short visit today, but I think its because my  youngest might be getting sick, she had started doing better about sitting still and not whining and crying (she is 3 1/2) today though she just wasn't having it. But last months visit was awesome, Lily did great then and we were able to stay all day.  Yes my shirt says property of Jody :P, but no he doesn't consider me his property and I'm not that submissive, the shirt was more of a gag type thing, before I get emails concerning the nature of our relationship. He is very respectful of me. :). After todays visit, only 49 more visits to go, just alittle over 50 months left, which sounds like alot less than 4 years and 2 months but we are getting there.

He had his graduation ceremony a couple of weeks ago, b/c last year he got his GED to late to be in last years, they do caps and gowns the whole bit, to bad families couldn't be there, I would have loved to have seen. But they did get them real food, he said they had pizza and cake with icing (apparently he gets alot of icing-less cake) so he was excited about that. And I couldn't be more proud, I mean the situation is shitty but he is making the most of his time, he is already 1/2 to an associates business degree, now if funding will just hold out till he gets it that will be awesome but if not at the end of this semester he'll only have a few credits left to get when he gets out.

I know I've been super crappy about updating but I've been a bit down which happens and stressed with normal life worries and all but I"m hoping to start updating atleast once a week maybe twice a week on something.

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