Wednesday, October 19, 2011

I hate cleaning BUT

But I found a neat site that does kinda help, well at least keeping me organized. Its FlyLady...Now, alot of the stuff I don't do like making my bed everyday or wearing shoes in the house, but a  lot of her tips really help. Heres how I use flylady. I clean for 15 minutes a day everyday, that usually involves the basics of her routines, wiping the sinks, toilets, picking up trash and toys. On my days off I add another 15-30 depending on my mood for the whole house. The best thing is the missions she sends out via her facebook page, I write them all down and usually do them all in one day. While my house still looks like a tornado hits it most days, lily is a bit messy and I don't have the patience or energy to follow behind every second and pick up...But alot of the dirt and clutter is gone, or atleast under control. She also has great tips for moving (which I need soon), holidays, back to school.

My favorite part is the control journal though, I'm a list making freak and her idea to have everything in one central place and use it, really appealed to me. So even though I don't' follow her like some, I definitely recommend her for motivation.

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