Sunday, October 23, 2011

48 visits to go

Thats from our last visit, Lily wanted to show off, last months visit was rough. She didn't want to sit still. And relationship wise, we were hitting some bumps. But all that is in the past and our visit this weekend (I should have the pic of in a few weeks) was wonderful. They had tons of children books out, and he got to read to Lily for a while it was nice to sit back and watch and pretend we were home and not inside, and he was reading to her before bed time. Good visits definitely outweigh the bad, and time is moving slowly but moving.

He is doing really good, he is completely some college classes and as long as the funding holds out he will get out with an associates of business. He just now completed some serve safe stuff and got certified for that, which is something the managers at work have to go through. So that is kinda cool. And he has started electrician training. So he is definitely making the most of this situation and improving himself while in there. So I guess that is something good. I know that he wouldn't be going to colllege or anything if he were home b/c he would to worried about working and gotta look on the bright side.

Next visit will be in a month, as long as the snow holds off another month

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