Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Random Rambles about things

Okay trick or treating was awesome last night, as soon as I find my usb cable I'll upload some pics. We ended up going in the car b/c it was so cold though and Eden scared Lily by telling her cannibals would jump out of the bush and eat her *eye roll*. Lily was asleep by the time we got home so she was up by 6:30 this morning, I hate mornings. Theres a random fact :P.

My blog contest went great congrats to all the winners.  With the success of that it has prompted me to do another contest, but this is strictly on cash crate, but you can still sign up and enter. Its simple the person that makes the most money from now till the end of November, and sends me via cash crate mail, the proof of what they made I will snail mail them or pay pal 5.00 extra dollars on the 12/4. Okay 5 isn't alot but its better than nothing. And that's just on top of what you make through cash crate. If you make at least 20.00 this month they will send you a check next month, and since it is Christmas, at  least the last two years the checks have came in by the 17th (just in time for last minute gifts.)

Trying to decide what to do about thanksgiving, my brother wants to have it at his house, but I also opened up my big mouth to soon, thinking we would just do it at my moms, and told Jody me and Lily might come up for an hour or so since we won't be getting a visit this month :(...Sigh I'll figure it out.

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