Sunday, November 6, 2011


We are under the 1500 day mark :) still along time togo but less time than we had at this time last year. And no I'm not desperate, I'm in love, my vows said for better or worse, and every tale has to go through some troubles before we get to the happily ever after. Sucks that we probably won't get a visit this month, :( but we'll make it. Maybe I can spring for a few extra calls and I need to put more effort into my writing...Writing him everyday is hard b/c after a while nothing really changes. But I promised him the night he was arrested that I would write everyday (FYI to the new ladies doing this, don't make that promise) so somenights I just put I love you good night..but I intend to keep my promise.

Thinking of doing some video blogs b/c I think it might be easier than finding the time to type, not sure yet if I do I'll post them on here.

Prayers out to those in OK today, crazy place for an earth quake to hit...I personally think things are going to get alot weirder this coming year


kt moxie said...

BTW... I don't think you look desperate at all. While celebrities like the Kardashians are making a joke of the sanctity of marriage, you are the definition of it. People should look to you as a shining example of a committed marriage. :)

Syntinen said...

Hey from Finland!

I found your blog just few minutes ago and I really hope that I have got enough time today to read this.. though I don't have any idea how long you have been writing :)

I added your blog to my blog also. We have now five (which I know) blogs in Finland - three where the writer is in love with inmate from USA and two where we tells about starting penpalling with inmates and I really think that writing to few inmates is my thing :)

Lots of strength to your waiting - you really show to world what is true love. As you said - in better and worse!

Take care!