Tuesday, December 13, 2011

For the cashcrate doubters

You guys have heard me talk a little about cash crate, and with all the scams out there I don't blame you for doubting, but I can show you proof once again of a check that I received from them, just in time for some stocking stuffer shopping ;). I'll talk a little about it, its fairly easy, you get paid various amounts to complete offers and surveys  *sometimes they offer an additional 10% on the earnings on certain days of the month* these range anywhere from 30 cents to 30 dollars for the offers. You can also watch videos daily to get some money, check in daily, these earn you 2-3 per video/check in, but every little bit helps. You can download the cash crate tool bar (no spyware and it doesn't slow your computer down) and if you do 5 searches from the tool bar daily you will get 5.00$ a month :)..Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy :P... I usually use the extra money for a couple of extra calls a month or to get more stamps.

Plus an added bonus if you sign up under me, I do contest for my referrals only from time to time, the gifts varies from money to gift cards to freebies :).

So yeah I highly recommended signing up today if you need alittle extra money monthly.

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