Saturday, December 31, 2011

Out goes 2011 Hello 2012

So my NYE (new years eve) plans, sitting at home with two sick girls. Both girls were at the after hours clinic today, strep throat, even if they weren't sick I wouldn't be going out, and I'm fine with that. I wish Jody was here to ring in the new year with. But we have our own special traditions. We blow a kiss out the window at midnight, so we get our news years kiss anyway. Not even the DOC can stop little things like that to make us feel close. Now I know I"ve not talked alot about how to keep the relationship going, but its little things like that that help. I talk alot about my kids and my life. B/c you have to some focus other than just your man or it will drive you insane.

Its been a decent year. We became parents to a teenager, he "graduated" with his GED, we got to under 4 years left and are on the down hills slope. We made it through a rut, which was mostly on my end. For some reason this year, was the hardest for me to keep things on fire. But we kept the communication open and I didn't hide my feelings and we muddled through.

New years resolution: of course its the old stand by, lose weight and save money. Also to have more patience with my kids, keep writing everyday and to blog atleast once a week.

Till next year.

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