Monday, January 2, 2012

Gotta love giftcards and coupons

SO anyone who wants to send me any gifts, do so in walmart gift cards.Had a great shopping day. Me I don't go every time I see a sale or even once a week I go do all my shopping  every two weeks, yeah I might miss some sales. But till you have shopped with a psycho 3 year old lol, yeah 2 times a month is all I can stand. So anyway, I got my groceries and other things I needed for the next two weeks for a dollar. Before coupons it was 150 (not sure how much it would have been before price matching) then it was 50 (I had alot of restocking to do, since i"ve not been couponing since oct so all my money could go towards the girls Christmas and we lived off what I had stocked up during the year.

One huge question is where do I get my coupons. I buy the local Bristol paper b/c they have better coupons, and more sales papers the sunday before my shopping trip. But I also order whole inserts (b/c locally the inserts sucks, like yesterday I had no P&G in the paper and I check everyone of them in the store nor did my mom get one in her subscript). I like they are good, but kinda pricey, so in effort to save even more money I found a site that was just as reliable and about 70 cents per insert cheaper. .  If you do decide to order from Sicilian saver, please tell her in the notes of your paypal order that Ginger Sadler sent you :).

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