Monday, September 24, 2012

Some Deals @ walmart today

At my walmart, and let me tell you I never have any luck matching up the deals that I find online, my store always seems to be higher.

Heinz Ketchup Pouch .98 cents with coupon for 50 cents off (SS 8/19 xpries 9/30) = 48 cents a piece

Ducan Hines Mini Brownie mix .94 cents with coupon for 55 cents off (peelie, via coupon train, expires 9/30) = .39 cents a piece

Bounty Basic Single roll Paper towel .97 with coupon for .25 cents off (PG 8/26 expires 9/30) = .72 (I know thats not a great deal for some of you guys but it works for me )

Price matched to Dollar General

2 liter Dr Pepper 1.25 each I bought 5 had two coupons one for 2/1.00 off, that was walmart mailer expires on 9/30 and the other was 3/1.00 off peelie from a train expiring 9/30 worked out to around 85 cents a piece.

Stay free pads 2.00 used 2.00 off coupon (ss 8/26 expiring on 10/15)

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