Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Sadler Family Month in Review

So Jan. is almost over, this month flew by. Its been a busy one, full of some disappointments on the prison side of things. But I won't go back through all that. I have asked Jody to write a few blogs out, but right now he is out of paper and stamps and I don't have the money to send him so he can re-up yet, maybe next month on that. It is always interesting to here things from the inmates perspective, especially since everything especially here in VA still seems so hush hush.

I do want to take a second and brag about a few things, my oldest daughter Eden got first honor roll in school and has 80 days of grade school left, then she becomes a high schooler...I'm so not ready for that.
And fitness-wise I have lost 7 pounds, not working out as much as I  would like because of my back but maybe next month..Though I will take a 7 pound loss, each month this year.

I was going to add a few pics, but I'll have to do better at taking them so enjoy an updated pic of my youngest, Lily, being silly.

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