Monday, March 4, 2013

J-Pay Changes Rates

Save Money, Send JPay Credits - NEW LOW FLAT FEE!
JPay Credits - Now with a New Low Flat Fee!
Good News!
jp4_square-on2.jpgJPay has lowered the fee for sending JPay Credits to your loved one to $3.50, regardless of how many JPay Credits you send!

Your loved one can use JPay Credits to buy anything JPay-related - music, stamps, even a JP4 player.  When you send JPay Credits, they go into a dedicated account that is not subject to deductions for restitution, fees, etc. 
After listening to the friends and family of inmates, JPay decided to slash its fees on JPay Credits.  You spoke, JPay listened.
Go to to send JPay Credits to your loved one today! 

Best Regards,
The JPay Team 

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