Monday, June 3, 2013

Crossing our Fingers

We may have some good news on the horizon. There is a new prison opening in Greyson County, River North. That will be taking inmates starting in early fall. Its only 2 hours away, which means we may be able to see each other soon than next year :).

We have had a run of bad luck and it seems like the DOC does everything in its power to keep families apart. We haven't seen each other in over a year, since his first move. And his other moves kept putting him farther and farther away. We are strong separately and even stronger as a couple so I know our relationship will make it through whatever is thrown at us. The visits just made everything a lot easier and our youngest, Lily, really misses her daddy. Though she does love her phone calls with him it isn't the same.

On the up side we have around 34 months left period of dealing with the prison systems, and believe me I'm beyond ready to be done with this. I knew it would be hard 5 years ago when it started, but I wasn't prepared for how hard and the roller coaster it would be.

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