Saturday, June 8, 2013

Well bad news

We were turned down for transfer :(...and the reason behind it is so messed up. They said he is coming up on re-entry and they don't accept people with short time. But in VA you aren't eligible for the entry till you get to 18 months, he is at 34 months...I should have known better than to get my hopes up, I have no doubt that this will make our love and bond stronger, but seeing him would make it easier to get through this. Just another bump in our road.

It is just so hard, not seeing him. Not being able to get strengths from his touch. To watch him interact with our youngest. To keep their bond going when she only talks to him on the phone. But we are strong people, strong willed and we love strong. And being as independent as I am, that trait, though at times has bugged him, is invaluable during this bid, especially since we can't seem to catch a break.

He comes up for review in December. So hopefully then he'll get a transfer approved and get moved closer.


Anonymous said...

Im very sorry to hear this bad news :( Your right, its just another bump in the road. i have not been in this with my husband as long as you have but i do feel for you. I pray that God give you the strength to carry on and to continue being the amazing woman you are for you and your family. I pray that you WILL catch a break and that your family will find some peace. Your an awesome woman from what ive seen on your blog, and I admire you. Keep up being the great wife and mother you are. We have to keep on pushin! They may have our men for now, but this is only temporary. They cant stop time, and the time will come when your family will be whole again. Your in my prayers :) Take care Beautiful.

Samantha J.

Majesta said...

When two people are ready to quit and throw in the towel on their marriage because lack of whatever in their marriage they should take a step back and look at the brighter scheme of things!! At least you have the opprotunity to see one another and touch, and speak the three most precious words that everyone deserves to hear, I love you, or a simple hug, kiss, a touch of encouragement that doesn't cost an arm and a leg to get that once a month!! Incarcerated people are treated like animals with no dignity!! They are stripped of everything because they like Jody, simply made a mistake because of all the bumps in the road that continued to come his way!! He couldn't catch a break with not being able to find a job and ginger pregnant and not being able to work!! Some people just really don't know how truly lucky they have it!! My husband is not incarcerated and today reading this gave me my ahhhhhhhaaaaaaa moment!! So I will say an extra I love you to him or hug or kiss him just because ginger and Jody made me realize how lucky I have it!! I'm so sorry ginger they (the va doc) denied you and your girls the most precious gift ever!!! Thank you for being such an inspiration to me as an amazing wife and mother!! Your dedication, will, support, and love for your soulmate encourages me to do better with mine!! I pray that you will get your much needed and deserved break very soon!!!!!! I hope that this inspires someone else!!!!