Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Yes this company really pays.

I've been slow about getting this up, I wanted to give it a proper post, but I also don't want you guys to think I was lying or slacking. Truth is trying to move while working while trying to get my home business up and going and getting ready for vacation and another school year...My plate has been a little full.

Anyway mid-June I signed up as an independent rep for skinny body care products. I don't fully understand their matrix/monthly pay plan and I was expecting maybe a dollar or two. But when  I logged on on July 1st and saw this. I was stunned.

And sure enough 14 days later I received the check in the mail (I opted for check, for my first payment, b/c like most people I was skeptical that that company was legit and all and I didn't want to put my account information out there). The bank held the check for a few days. And cashed it. I'm looking forward to seeing how I do this coming month.

And in the months to come, this company is already blowing up, but you still have plenty of time to get in and build the ground work before we go on Lifetime's, morning talk show, The Balancing Act. 


Anonymous said...

How do you become a rep? I looked on the page and didn't see anything. Maybe I looked over it!

Steph CC said...

Congrats on your check! If you're interested in saving money on calls from jail, check out

Ginger said...

@Anon go here and leave your info