Wednesday, February 3, 2010

First Post from Jody

I'm typing this word for word as he wrote it for me to put up...Warning it did make me cry as I read it. his words are in red

Hey free world, not real sure what to say, but from what I understand this is a blog who to help people out who have loved ones who are locked up plus I guess anyone who is intrested in mine and Ginger's story. She has already told how we met and got together so I don't guess I'll tell it agin. I will say this and consider this fair warning becuase it will be the basis for everything I write. Ginger is the llove of my life, she is more than my best friend my lover or my rock, she is absolutely my heart. She is there for me on so many levels. So anyway that has a husband son, dad brother or soemone close thats inlock up that is whats important be there. I have a wife that is there for me and that means more than I can say. Ok. So. I've been down for almost 2 years. I have right at 6 left (5 years 9 months 1 week and 4 days) My crime was armed robbery and later some day I guess I will describe what actually happened, (No I won't claim innocense, I ddi the crime) but for now I will just say no one was hurt and I was probably mroe scared than the cashier. I don't know if there is a pic on my on here or not but believe me when I say I'm no tupac or gangster although at the same time I'm no presit. I'm a regular guy, that loves his wifemore than life itself, has a broken heart for what all I've missed of my kids lives and all I will miss, I lose alot of sleep becuase of the pain I've caused my family but that is the price of guilt. My guess is noone imagined I would rob a store (that includes me)If Ginger wants to she can describe what kind of person I am, I'm really not a violent person although I can defend myself, yet here I am in a receiving unitwaiting ona transfer to a level 4 prison (the security levels are 1-5) Am I scared? Put 800 convicts together over half of them with some kind of weapon everyone thinking everyone else is out to get them add into the mix a couple hunderd gang members and you have a very good reason to stay on your toes. There is one very ijmportant elemnt in this, I am not alone. My wife is in this with me. Not sure what all is going to happen in the next 6 years but I know at the end of this we'll still be going strong. It won't be the first time we have beat the odds.

If anyone has any questions about the VA DOC system let us know and we will try to answer them or if there are any topics you wont disccussed. I'm going to be send Ginger a copy of the point system, used to determine the security level. And I plan on talking about the differences in the levels and about what GInger and I have gone thru the past 2 years.

Thanks for reading
He has more time than I do to think of stuff to write, but I do make copies of the post and comments to send to him (unless you specifically tell me not to in the comment) I should be getting the point system thing within the next couple of days, the mail is horrible slow about getting out of the prison.


BamaKathy said...

I think your blog is a great idea. It helps to hear from others who have someone on the inside. And with your blog, we get both perspectives. Thanks for doing this, and keep it up. Kathy

Ginger said...

Thanks for the comment, I'll try to keep it up and he will to...Keep reading along and stay strong

OneMixedUpLady said...

Just found your blog today and went back reading all of it! Great Blog!
My old man is in for the next 7 years and I had done 12 years before this last crime with him while he was in! (only spent 6 months on the outside with him) I will be reading everytime you update! Keep it up!