Monday, November 5, 2012

Holidays are coming up

This is always the hardest time of year for me. Especially now with him so far away, so I'm hoping these next couple of months fly by. We have switched to google voice, so the calls are much much cheaper and we can talk everyday sometimes twice a day for the same amount I was paying for 4-6 calls a month. Talking to him that often definitely helps my mood. Though the girls have to remind me to not hog the phone.

Everything is pretty much the same, he still hasn't adjusted to the move, so it makes it hard on him. I"m praying we get a lateral transfer in December, so I can at least go see him.

I'm working to stay busy, it helps the time to pass. And launched of a new facebook page, called Letters From. For the holiday season I send out letters from Santa to kids all over, for alot cheaper than the other sites. If you have kids  in your life, check it out here . 
Just a little something to help pass the time.

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