Sunday, February 21, 2010

Still waiting....on calls.

I know know why people complain about GTL so much for...Its really quite stupid that we have to go through all this just to get a 20 minute call. He called wednesday night to have my number apporved, push 1 for all 4 opitons got a nice little voice telling me that his calls were approved.
We didn't even get one call in before I had to call the devil I mean GTL to get the number verified. Lucklily the woman who called me back, Wanda was really nice. They coudln't locate my number anywhere. I told them twice it had just been installed and comcast, is a new phone provider around here and they use differnet local numbers. SHe told me I had to fax a bill in with the number. When I explained that  I hadn't talked to my husbnad since november and it would be well over  a month beore I get a bill with the phone number (if the phone number even shows up I don't know b/c its my cable/phone and  computer all in one) but I had a service order with my name, address and new phone number as well as the company I have the phone from. And was given a fax number and told to wait  3-5 buisness days.
I faxed it in saturday morning and will try to wait the 5 days, but I'll be lucky to wait past wednesday.

On the plus side we get a visit on April 9th. 47 days to our first contact visit